Ms. Sweety and Whatnots
Bubbles Gum
Universe Muppet
Homeworld Spokane, WA
Size 26.5 inches
Language English
Subspecies N/A

Bubbles Gum is a blue Muppet whatnot of the Muppets. She wears realistic sunglasses and other accessories except for the clothes. She was found in Timmy the Tooth recently in 1994 being Timmy's sidekick helping to save the world, she is a trustworthy Muppet that has assigned missions to Timmy and Brushbrush. Somehow, she was also found in It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie. In Puppetgreetings, her eyes are yellow and the look of her is similar to the old version resembling Brenda. Her latest appearence is The Muppets. She will be found in the upcoming film "The Muppets Sequel". However, The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth is the only video that she is one of the main characters. In The Muppets and Henson TV shows/movies, She is one of the other characters in the groups of the Muppet Whatnots.