Universe Planet 51
Homeworld Glipforg
Size 21 inches
Language English
Subspecies Aliens

Eric is very smart on everything. He is a strongest alien in Planet 51 but he can pick up some heavy objects with using his hands while he has strong muscles. He can use his tounge to grab a person or object but his tounge has to be longer to reach the farest and highest place. Eric's best friend is Lem's Mother and he loves to go out with her. However, when something sharp pokes him on anything, He doesn't get hurt by any things that hit someone. He has the drivers license to drive a car or any veichle. He has his truck at his work. When he goes over any thing. He jumps over them without getting any accidents. He drives his truck to go to work.


He has fire-proofing skin and cannot be burnt unless its by sun. He has hurt proof and prevent him from getting hurt. He cannot be killed unless he is sprayed by the alien spray.